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15th Anniversary Cruise to Ensenada

DSC00088Stacy and I decided that since we enjoyed our 10th Anniversary Cruise to Ensenada we should repeat the trip for our 15th. We were not disappointed. We enjoyed our cruise very much, unfortunately for those of you who want the juicy details of all the marvelous things we did on our cruise, you will be disappointed. We did very little but relax and enjoy the absense of our stresses. No kids (at least not ours), no work, no agenda. But since I don’t want to leave the readers with nothing, here’s a summary.

The first night out of port, we had a nice dinner in the Seaview Lounge and watched the sunset. Then we took in a couple of shows including a Midnight Comedy show (R Rated) and had drinks. This was lots of fun for us, but not very interesting for you.