Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011

The Allen Family had a wonderful Holiday Season and we were very fortunate during 2010 to be able to both continue to work and enjoy our lives much the way we had in previous years. The kids saw the benefit in being able to continue playing in their Baseball league and were lucky enough to get some pretty nice gifts this year for Christmas. We also were pleased to be able to share the season with my brother Aric who was able to spend 5 days with us over the holiday.

Bailey got his wish of a new Nintendo DSi along with many other games and things, movies and even something clothing that may have been snuck into his gifts by Mommy.

Branden was surprised by the new electric guitar and amplifier (The amp he has to share with Dad). The family (Mostly Dad and sometimes used by Mom) got a new iPad to enjoy. I’m actually using the iPad to create this post proving that it functions beyond just looking at the internet and watching Netflix movies.

Today we’re watching the first of the football playoffs with the Saints losing, big upset in the making, much to Stacy’s chagrin.

Thank you to all our family and friends for making our year such a nice one.

Peace and happiness to all.


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