Concrete Done in time for 4th of July Barbeque

P1010043Our new patio concrete was poured on Wednesday June 29th and was ready on July 1st for the kids to play on. Saturday morning I began setting up the Patio furniture and shade canopy. I also rebuilt the fence separating the new concrete from the front yard. The kids raced their big wheels nearly all day whilst squirting eachother with their water guns. Stacy and I relaxed most of the day Sunday and Monday morning we prepeared for the family to visit.

Kevin and Sara were just getting back from Colorado where they missed their Sunday flight and had to stay over until Monday morning so they were pretty tired when they arrived with the kids that afternoon. Mom and Joan arrived at around the same time and spent lots of time visiting with everyone. We had a nice dinner outside (except for the flies, who apparantly aren’t detracted by citronella at all).

Stacy made her delicious potato salad, which we are still enjoying. Joan and Mom left before dark to make it home by twilight and the rest of us found a place to watch the fireworks. The kids loved the show and were well behaved. We said our goodbyes shortly after and went home to put the kids to bed. We experienced a short power outage which freaked out the kids since it was completely dark.

All in all it was a very nice weekend with lots being accomplished, with a lot of relaxation going on too.

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