Happy New Year 2007

Happy 2007!

What’s in your New Year? Christmas was wonderful for all. The kids especially enjoyed their gifts and really liked having their gifts spread out over 4 separate days as visiting the relatives in various locations netted them new presents.

Christmas day was spent at our house. Just us in the morning and the afternoon we hosted Stacy’s family for Christmas Dinner. The day after we spent time at Kevin’s house with my side of the Family.

New Years Eve we hosted dinner for our Friends “The Lee’s” who helped us ring in the new year with a rousing game of Scene IT until nearly midnight and then we watched the replay of the Ball dropping in New York and then celebrated with Champagne and the Kids popped a bunch of Confetti Poppers outside (I might have popped one or two myself).

We made the trip to Las Vegas to visit Stacy’s Dad and Stepmom for a couple of days. They treated us to Tickets to Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. While Stacy and I aren’t Opera fans at all, we did enjoy the production and getting some time away by ourselves. The production was amazing and I’m glad that the one Opera we did go to see was Phantom. Maybe we’ll see Blue Man Group next time 🙂

I was able to make my way through many of the “Honey Doo’s” that Stacy had for me during my week long break. I’m taking another week off in early February to tackle a couple more.

The kids are back in school after nearly a month off. Getting homework done is a major ordeal but I’m hoping they get back in the routine soon.

A new Season of American Idol has started and our favorite part of the show (The Tryouts) is currently amazing us. How can people be so deluded?

I’m busy building a storage shed so we can stop paying the storage place to hold all the junk we can’t seem to part with.

It’s cold, cold, cold here. California has lost most of it’s citrus crop, including my favorite, Avocados.

That’s it for now. See my chat page to talk to me live!


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