January 1st, 2016

Sailing Log, Jan. 1st, 2016:

  • Bailey and I set out around noon, both sails up on the way out of Dana Point harbor and engine off at white speed buoys.
  • Sailed mostly south while the windspeed increased to about 10 knots, over the predicted 5-7 knots.
  • Whale watching boats spotted with at least 2 grey whales being followed.  Multiple private boats watching as well.  A few much too close to the whales causing the whales to change course.
  • We only were able to get within 1/4 mile under sail, of 1 grey.
  • We had trolling lures out the entire time with no hits.
  • Jibed to a heading of nearly dead north back towards the coast.
  • At about 1/2 mile from the coast tacked to a westerly heading as high into the wind as the jib would allow.  Wind direction kept changing slightly as we got further from the coast.
  • Tacked back to a north heading at the point of sail almost directly at the mouth of Dana Point Harbor.
  • Upon arrival outside the harbor we practiced a faster tacking procedure with Bailey releasing the jib at the point of luff while I retrieved and set the jib on the opposite tack.  Need more practice 🙂
  • Dropped the jib just outside the mouth of the harbor and tacked up the main channel to the tall ships where we turned around and headed down wind back to the mouth of the harbor.
  • Dropped the Mainsail at the mouth and motored to the slip.
  • Good day of sailing, perfect wind and swell conditions for a nice safe sail.  Cold temperatures required jacket and gloves for comfort.
  • Bad day of fishing, no hits on trolling lures.
  • Full canopy deployed in anticipation of rain.


  • Bottom needs cleaning
  • Boat needs to be washed
  • New dehumidifier needed
  • Wood needs refinishing

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