Friday June 11th, 2005 Update

Lots of progress on our backyard. We no longer have a junkyard / weed farm. 3 huge truckloads of junk and weeds and plant trimmings left on Friday through the efforts of 3 hired men. It was nice not to have to try and do all of that myself, and the price of a huge dumpster would have rivaled the services we paid for.

Saturday we had the concrete contractor come out to Bid for about 1000 square feet of concrete. This will be set and poured right at the end of June. Hurrah!!! The Garage Door contractor came out Saturday too and while we went over budget on this our particular garage configuration made it necessary for some custom equipment to be installed. The door is to be installed on Tuesday. I’m going to re-do the sprinkler system in the back yard myself (something I can actually do unlike concrete and garage doors) and then get the Sod installed and ready for a summer of fun in the back yard.

We took some before concrete and sod pictures and will put up the pictures when we have the after shots. I didn’t take pictures of the junkyard (Too embarrassing ;>) )

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